INTRODUCTION: Meet our new Editor Heidi

Hello! My name is Heidi from denkreativesky. I’m the new creative editor here at Enfants Terribles Magazine. I am so excited to be here and I must admit that I danced all day long when I was asked if I would be a part of this amazing creative team!

Ever since i was a child my life has been filled with creativity, I love to create and when i do I’m in my own little whimsical world. I love to create what I feel for, no matter the materials, they all work for me, fabric, yarn, tree, paper, cardboard, clay, paint et cetera.

As a mother of two, I try to give my children a creative childhood, because I believe it is essential to have imagination, to create and play with creative ideas and you can learn anything you want, and even become really good at it! My kids are my biggest inspiration, they are still so small, but so filled with joy and imagination already, it is very magical to watch them grow and develop!

Words are not my strong point so here in my first blog post I will show you pictures from my summer, and some of the creative things I've Made. I am looking forward to create and share some DIY's here at Enfants Terribles Magazine.

Warm Regards Heidi