Hi I'm Kathrine from Little Kin Journal and I’m so excited to join the Enfant Terrible Mag team as the new Trend Editor.  For the last 15 years I have worked at a various number of Danish fashion magazines. Last year my husband, who’s originally from London, and I decided, that it was time for a change. We said goodbye to our beloved Copenhagen and moved to New York with two kids and four suitcases (the rest of our stuff is now stored in an attic in Copenhagen, and I’m afraid it will never see the light of day again, course we really don’t miss any of it).

The few of you who should happen to have met me on instagram will know, that I spend most of my time with our two young daughters Eleanor & Alma who have been brought up bilangual and speak both Danish and English (which made moving to th US much easier).

As a mother my priority is to make sure that my children grow up to be creative, loving and caring humans, who’ll meet life with open minds and know that the small things count just as much as the big ones do. We love to explore our new city together, engage in small DIY projects, cook and bake, read books, play dress up and go searching for small pieces of nature in this big and busy city or relax and enjoy the big wide open spaces that surround our Danish summerhouse, where we spend every summer. And since school in New York doesn't start before mid-september we're still enjoying ourselves in the Danish countryside.

I cannot wait to show you my take on some of the most interesting kids clothes at the moment. Brands that evoke playfulness, imagination and the freedom to explore nature more than clothes that have to be fashionable or follow certain fashion trends. Being scandinavian I love the simple and toned down style that many Danish kids’  brands represent, but I also have a few label crushes amongst some of the small and independent American brands. I hope you'll like what I'll show you.