My name is Mejse and I’m a new creative editor here at Enfants Terribles Magazine. I have promised you a more thorough introduction to who I am, so here you go.

I‘m very excited about this new editor title. My whole life creativity has been an important part of who I am, both private and professionally. One way or the other. Almost everything and sometimes the most peculiar things inspire me, which often leads to some rather crazy projects.

I’m the mother of two boys aged 3 and 5, living in a provincial town, working as a cultural consultant. Some of the things that are most important to me is to always keep exploring and never stop playing. It’s not a fear of growing up but more an appreciation of keeping an open mind. Which is also the main reason why I’m so excited to get to play and share some inspiration with you here at Enfants Terribles.

I have picked out some photos from my archive, which perhaps will give you a little sense of who I am.

Warm regards