Hey there! I am Julie from Julie Panton Studio which is a Copenhagen-based graphic design studio. We recently created the new visual identity for Enfants Terribles Magazine and we will also layout the magazine starting with the upcoming issue. Besides being a graphic designer, I am the new Baby Editor for the magazine, too, which I am crazily excited about. Hooray!

I live in Copenhagen with my husband Ulrik and our little daughter Olga Alberte.

I love the small and, maybe, ordinary moments of life. The structure of the sun’s sunshine, the smell of my morning coffee, the sound of my daughter’s snoring in the night, the taste of sourdough bread with butter and cheese, my daughter’s spontaneous clapping. I love following the development of her personality. She was born as this tiny lump of meat, of course the most beautiful and perfect lump of meat there is or was. Now she is this smiling and laughing human teddy bear with hair, teeth, and curiosity! A teddy bear with opinions, demands, and tastes. She is magical! And my experiences with her in the mornings and evenings are what we call everyday magic at Enfants Terribles. The expression, everyday magic, is perhaps the main reason why I initially fell so much in love with the magazine. It is crucial to enjoy every second of your life, even if you are stressed out or if your little diamond has kept you awake during night. Smile. Kiss. Sleep. Repeat!

I look forward to writing blog posts about living with a baby, cuteness overload, label crushes, travels, mommy brain experiences, and, says my husband, being a little too addicted to baby shopping.