Tell Me a Story - Introducing Kajsa Wallin and the ETMAG Advent Calendar

Kajsa Wallin is a Swedish illustrator and picturemaker, who lives in Malmø with her husband and two children. She's notorious on Instagram as @Kawaspics. Maybe you also recognize Kajsa's penstroke from the Etmag Gallerie, where she was featured for the Kawaii issue. She did such a brilliant job back then, that we got inspired to do the ETMAG Advent Calendar with her. So we have teamed up with her in creating something very special for our readers.

Remember when you we're a kid and opening that cardboard advent calendar with Santa's sleigh swooshing over the sky, was an almost magical highlight of the day? Well, we wanted to provide you with a possibility of finding your way back to those moments of simple joy. 

We know kids today are being bombarded from all sides with plenty of visual attention seekers. Visual noise fills up our capacity for taking in the moment. So we automatically shut off our eyes to all this noise and start filtering very severely. For any fleeting moment to find it's way through our filters it takes something pretty extraordinary. This may make finding joy in something as simple as a little illustration a real challenge. Nevertheless, we feel like it's worth trying to practice the appreciation for these simple moments and thus we thought out this Tell Me a Story feature for Christmas here on the blog. 

It's important to notice that you are the key to making magic happen. When you look at the drawing with your child, it's up to you to find out a way to trigger his or hers imagination. You know your kids best and thus you hold the secret to firing up their imagination. Make it a game, where you tell eachother stories and make up what you think Kajsa's illustration is about and what happens next.

You may use your tablet, Ipad or Iphone to look at the drawing, you can even print it if you like. Everyday Kajsa will sit down and draw a new picture for you to tell more stories. We hope you will take some time out from your busy day to give it a try and please let us know how it goes! If you share a picture of your storytime moment with us on Instagram please @enfantsterriblesmag us and use the #etmagxmas tag. You might win something for your storytelling efforts!

And as a extra bonus for your imagination, some more of Kajsas illustrations <3