INSTAGRAM CRUSH: @what_my_daughter_wore

Instagram is such a tremendous source of daily visual inspiration to many of us. Even more amazing is the way it allows us ´ to connect with new, amazing people from all over the world and make friends in places we never even knew existed.

We want to help you discover even more fantastic profiles so we're taking the the Enfants Terribles Magazine Instagram Crush to the blog,  and from now on you'll find a weekly feature here on the blog, which will introduce you to new inspiring people from all over the Instagram world.

What My Daughter Wore is Brooklyn artist Jenny Williams' original collection of intimate and playful drawings capturing the inspired, offbeat, and whimsical sartorial choices of girls in the fleeting years between childhood and young adulthood. With her daughter Clementine as her original muse—but also inspired by her daughter's friends—Jenny depicts a unique moment in a girl's life, when self-expression and individuality trump trends and the impulse to conform.

Find her here:

Instagram: @what_my_daughter_wore or buy the book here.