Wide Open

Hi there. I am Inger Marie from finurlig. This is my first blog post for Enfants Terribles Magazine, and I thought it would be nice to share some photos from where I grew up.
I grew up in the very Northern part of Denmark, very close to the sea. Today we live in Copenhagen, but we still love to visit the Northern Jutland. The space is open and wide, and there is a special light up there.
I love to "free" the girls from our daily city life constraints and just let them run around and explore on their own. This feeling of freedom is real summer for me. 

The photos are from a very favourite place of mine, the drifting dunes of Rรฅbjerg Mile. There is a good walk out there from where you park the car, but then suddenly the dunes take over the landscape and overwhelm you a bit - the silence, the loneliness, the openess, the scents & the soft light. The dunes are surrounded by grasses and pines, and there is nothing to disturb you. This is also where my parents had their first date.