iglo+indi AW15: Arctic Adventures

This season, iglo+indi draws inspiration from the fascinating Arctic North. Its captivating colour palette includes shades of snowy white and grey. Different hues of grey are mixed in with arctic blue, navy, green, black and delicate rose evoking the beautiful northern lights dancing across the sky.

Along with this Nordic colour palette comes a series of prints with Arctic animals - the Arctic hare, the tundra swans, the penguins and the pack of wolves - kept simple and graphic in their outline to create a playful and cool look. In addition, iglo+indi introduce a special print featuring their home country, Iceland, and its spectacular nature.

iglo+indi's design always has wearability and comfort in mind, and the Arctic Adventures collection also includes a series of outerwear and rainwear, perfect for free play in the frozen Nordic winter lands.