Hilda.Henri Above the Clouds

Hilda.Henri is the epitome of modern luxury for children—the Vienna based house specializes in sustainable, fashion-forward garments (ages 2-16) produced regionally in accordance with traditional craftsmanship, but liberated from the confines of traditional Alpine dress.

Complemented by fine silks, cotton, and merino wool, Hilda.Henri is renowned for their use of milled loden—a textile of pure felted wool that provides exceptional warmth and water resistance by virtue of the air pockets and lanolin retained in the environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

The AW16 collection, Above the Clouds indulges with the warm tones and billowing silhouettes of soft clouds against the backdrop of a glorious sunrise/sunset. The expressive patterns are inspired by the paintings of Sterling Ruby, one of the 21st century's most important visual artists.

Sterling Ruby's influence on the fashion world is widely recognized for his 2014 collaboration with menswear designer Raf Simons. However, Above the Clouds seems like a nod to Simon's earlier homage to the artist when in 2012, as the Creative Director at Christian Dior, he employed gritty, expressive, Ruby-inspired patterns in stark contrast to the formal elegance of full-length evening gowns.

Above the Clouds is a stunning capsule—a rare marriage of classic cuts with avant-garde references and bold color combinations. Our favorite pieces include the Mia blouse in mustard and the Anna dress in cinnamon brushed.

The AW16 collection Above the Clouds is available online at Hilda.Henri and select retailers worldwide.