Here again

It's here again - the loveliest,the most vivid time of the year. Spring. Every new flower and little bud of leaf is a miracle. And sunshine -  it's a miracle too. It makes our days start lightly and surprises us in the evenings,makes them sweet and soft.

It's so crazy what spring does to us every year - it's like a burden has lifted off our shoulders as the long winter is finally over. Suddenly there's people everywhere and they're all smiling and full of energy. And yes,us too. We're taking long bike rides,going on forest trips and just enjoying ourselves and the first warm spring days. Here are some pictures from our days :) 

Happy spring!

Tea in the forest. So simple yet so wonderful.

When we go on a forest trip,these are a must. Roasted marshmallows. So so good.  

The girls find small treasures every day - usually flowers as they both are crazy flower-girls like me :) 

Elli was so happy to wear her "spring shoes" and even more happier when we found Frozen-dvd from flea market! She loves the movie and Elsa,of course :) 

Oh,the tiniest bouquet! Can't wait to have more of these.