Hello November and happy Father's Day!

It's been an amazing November so far here in Finland - lot's of sunshine and warmth and lovely days. Very unusual but very much appreciated! Of course there have also been a few grey and rainy days, but I kind of love those days too. Overcast sky, humid fog and magical raindrops everywhere. Today was like that and I was excited to go out - it was so gloomy and beautiful. The girls jumped in every puddle and I just breathed deeply and let the rain fall on me.  (Most of the pictures though are from a sunnier day!)

It was also Father's Day here in Finland today and of course my husband got a bit spoiled! We made him a yummy breakfast, baked a cake and gave him a few presents. Peppi and Elli decorated a shirt and a giant mug for him (and for grandpa too!) and they came out so lovely! It was also super-fun and I'm already thinking about Christmas presents...

Yummy Father's Day breakfast. And presents waiting for dad :)

Grey shirt with ghosts for grandpa and black shirt with drops (by Elli) and a raindbow for dad. You should've seen the look on their faces when they saw these shirts!

"For Dad"

Mugs in the making.

For some reason there was a ghost-theme on grandpa's gifts, this is a ghost-mug for him.

And what could be a better way to end a lovely day than to make a cake? I do have to say that it looked a lot better than it tasted - but it was ok :) I guess I shouldn't try new recipes on a special occasion...