Halloween - Ghost Boo ! Cups - DIY

The things i love most about fall are sitting inside in the heat with candles and hot cocoa.

Since it’s almost Halloween, isn’t it obvious to drink the hot cocoa from cute ghost cups?
They’re even cheap and easy to make.

All you need is:

- Cup and saucer set, they can be bought cheap in a second hand shop, if you don’t happen to have any in the cabinet.

– Porcelain Painting in the colors you want to use and maybe a porcelain marker for the details.

– Start by sketching on a piece of paper, so you know how you want your cups to look.

– Wash the cup and saucer set so there is no fingerprints on the porcelain.

– Paint the cups and saucers.

– When you are finished painting the porcelain, it is ready to be baked to harden the paint.
Time and heat differs from porcelain paint, so read the instructions on the porcelain paint you’ve used.

When the porcelain is finished baking, you can wash it without the paint scraping off.

They are now ready to serve lots of nice hot cocoa. If you want a little more Halloween atmosphere, you can draw ghost faces on mini marshmallows, with a black food pen.

Happy Halloween from Heidi korsgaard // Denkreativesky.dk