ÍGLÓ&INDÍ - Songs from the Horizon

Picture an island far in the Arctic North where the ocean merges seamlessly against the clear blue sky. On the sandy beaches carefree children run, sing, dance and play with their animal companions.
Does this sound like something from an ancient saga from far up North?  Well, it is! Because these words are the ones that have inspired the new Ígló&Indí's Spring/Summer Collection titled "Songs from the Horizon". 

The palette this season is bold and fun including strawberry pink, gelato yellow, bright plum, cerise, lupine lilac, arctic blue, aqua green, pearl and ash grey. Ígló&Indí's caters to every child, mixing everyday essentials featuring the collection’s unique prints with dressier items intended for special occasions - always both playful and practical at the same time.

Being a mother of three creative children, Helga Ólafsdóttir, founder of Ígló&Indí found herself constantly picking up their creative work aroud the house. You all know how it is - some creations you keep … others get tossed away. One day Helga was going through piles of artwork that her daughter had created. There was one drawing in particular that caught her attention. It was a picture of two small creatures; a boy holding hands with his little sister in an open magical landscape. The little children were both wearing hooded coats as to seek shelter from the wind and the cold. There they were, independent, cosy and content in a world of their own. Together they named the boy Ígló and his little sister Indí. And that was the birth of a brand - the magical world of Ígló&Indí.

To Helga, Ígló&Indí is a manifestation of the creative state that children have so easy access to, a place where the mind gets to roam free. A state that we as grown ups long to persevere and rev´live, as we become adults. "I truly believe all children are artists. They see colors, shapes and patterns as tools for creation … where there are no limitations - only opportunities" says Helga and such is the thinking behind the world of ICelandic childrens fashion label Ígló&Indí. A world where rabbits and lions walk “foot in paw.” A world where the real and the imaginary are equally tangible.