With each new issue of our magazine we feature handpicked artists in our magazine as well as in our banner space gallery here on our website. Our third and last featured artist for the Best Friends Forever Issue is the playful work of British illustrator and writer Lara Lockwood.


Lara Lockwood. 35. Illustrator and writer. Lives with husband, Benedict, and Baby Luther in Brighton, UK.

Tell us your story? Who are you and what do you do?
I am Lara. I am a new mummy, illustrator, and writer living by the seaside in Brighton, England.

What makes you very happy?
I love nature, and in particular the sea when it is stormy. My baby son and husband make me very happy!

What are your future ambitions professionally?
I would like to continue doing illustration work for magazines and illustrate some children’s books. It would be fantastic to have a range of children’s clothing with my designs on them.

3 words that capture the very essence of your artwork?
Joyful, whimsical and endearing

3 most important things to you when creating?
Earl grey tea, a sleeping baby and BBC Radio 4

3 best sources of inspiration? 
Children, animals and my dreams

Why is art important to you?
It means I can release part of myself. I find it exhilarating to create – if I don’t draw I feel frustrated. The creative process can make me more cross than anything else but the joy when it goes how I want it to is wonderful!

What makes a good friend according to you?
Someone you can spend time with and not wish you were elsewhere!

Do you have a best friend? If yes - Where did you meet? 
I have three best friends. We met as babies, at school and at college.

How does one know who's a best friend?
Someone who you offer understanding, support and love to – and they offer it back.

Favorite things to do with best friend?
Walk in a forest or eat cake together.