Gallerie enfants terribles: Soosh

With each new issue of our magazine we feature three handpicked artists in our magazine as well as in our banner space gallery here on the website. Our second featured artist for the Art is Everything. Play is More issue is the beautiful work of Ukranian illustrator Soosh.


37. Illustrator. Lives with her son in Vilnius, Lithuania. Originally from Nikolaev in Ukraine.

Tell us your story? 

"I am someone who has just recently opened my eyes, looked around, looked at myself and started thinking and figuring out who am I and what I am doing here, what is my purpose and if there is any. I would call this period of my life "awakening". I reflect a lot, observe and try to participate occasionally in life that is happening around me. I think and re-think many things and ideas and try to understand which of those I truly agree with and which of those are complete strangers to me."

"I was born in the country which doesn't exist any more, I was taught to believe things which proved to be false later, the "god" I was made to believe in is now taking his rest in Mausoleum, on a Red Square, in Moscow. Since that great empire fell apart (I was 12 years old at that time) I felt kind of freedom from all forms of countries and patriotism ideas are very far from me. I know I am a descendent of Slavic and gypsies and this is those roots I accept and go from there. So who I am I really have little idea at the moment, I can say I am mother, woman, artist but this is not enough to really say who I am. I am someone in search of myself."

"I draw. I draw my hopes, fears, happy and sad moments and take great inspiration in my son and people around who inspire me. "

What makes you very happy?
"Simple things, trifles - autumn leaves, and to go downstairs to get some coconut pie in a little bakery.. and to walk slowly under a drizzly rain, knowing that my son is having good time with his friends at the moment. I feel happy when I read interesting book, when I speak with people whom I love and time with whom I cherish. I am feeling happy when I buy new dress or if someone else is willingly suggest to wash the dishes instead of me! I feel happy when I smell fresh bread and when in the evening my kid comes to cuddle by me and slowly falling asleep with his head resting on my shoulder. I feel happy visiting flea markets. And sprouts of the plants which were about to die come to life - I feel quiet happiness."

What are your future ambitons professionally?
"I have no professional ambitions whatsoever. I am truly happy when people enjoy what I am doing, characters and emotions I am drawing. I hope to publish a book and maybe something else like that, but I cannot really think of big ambitions I would have.. I think of the things I would like to improve in future is my drawing skill and I always hope and pray for inspiration."

3 words that capture the very essence of your artwork?
Tear. Smile. True.
3 most important things to you when creating?
Daylight. Free time. Music/audio book.  
3 best sources of inspiration?
My son. Passers by. My own feelings.

What springs to mind when you hear the title of the new issue  ART IS EVERYTHING PLAY IS MORE?
"Children. When I hear this saying, to my mind spring children who see art in everything and create art every minute."

According to you, what is art?
"To me art is a dream of soul, flat of fairy's wings, which takes audial or visual form."

Are art and play related?
"Of course! I believe that you can be a very talented artist, with great and polished academic skills, but if there is no playfulness in your heart, and if you take things, including art, too seriously, your art will be dry and dead (at least to me)."

Do you play when you create?
"Always. I actually don't divide those two actions - when I sit down to draw, I never do it with this serious, kind of heavy "i am working here!" feeling and attitude. I have cookies, tea, nice music, kiddo comes on and off asking me thousand of questions or telling me his never-ending stories.. and I like to start a humming-top when I am drawing, its spinning brings happiness to my heart."

Why do we have art?
"I think we do art because we have no choice. What we call "art" is a part of us and also because there is no other way to express who we are and how we see this world."

What does art do to you?
"It makes me happy. It makes me sad. It makes me understand people better and feel not that alien from all the others."

Do we need art? Is it important?
"As I said before, I don't think we have a choice whether create or not - it is a part of us and it will always be there. Art is like breathing - whatever you do with pleasure, whatever makes you smile, whatever brings happiness and joy to your life - this is art to me. You cook with pleasure, you draw with pleasure, you plant your garden with pleasure, you knit, raise children, write a letter to a friend... if you enjoy it - it is art and you are a true artist (in my eyes at least)."

Do we need play? is it important?
"Play just like art is very important in our lives, i believe so, yes. And it is also our best way to spend the time and the most amazing gift life gave us."


What happens if we don't have art?
"Well.. if one day i wake up and see that we don't have art, I will check my pulse.. I don't think I will have one. :) I believe that art our breathing, when we have no art, we are no more."

Can you play with art?
"Yes! You can play with art, for art, round art and inside the art! If it is fun and comes from the heart, it is art I love and admire."


IG: @vskafandre