Gallerie Enfants Terribles: Paola Jane

With each new issue of our magazine we feature handpicked artists in our banner space gallery. Our first featured artist for the Travel Journal issue is the colorful and happy notebook art of artist Paola Jane.


Paola Jane Esteron. 24. Notebook Artist and Preschool Teacher. Lives in Manila in the Philippines.

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?
Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed drawing and making comics for my classmates. I was not able to get a Fine Arts degree (because my parents didn't want to) but after earning a pre-med course in college, I got into calligraphy. While doing calligraphy, I got back to my first love, which is drawing. I believe calligraphy and drawing is a good match plus I always like going to different places and trying new food and activities. I teach preschool for a living, but on the weekends, I focus on my art and join art fairs, where I sell my arts and crafts products like rubberstamps, handmade notebooks and art prints. I also do workshops where I share my skills on calligraphy.

What makes you very happy?
When I make people smile whenever they see my work.

What are your future ambitons professionally?
I really wanted to build my own preschool or if not, just a learning center for arts for both kids and adults. Anyone who's just into arts and eager to learn about arts. 

Art allows me to express myself and it also looks into my unconscious mind. As you can see, my illustration style is for children's books. It depicts my happy and colorful childhood that I want to reminisce until now.

3 words that capture the essence of your artwork? Colorful, whimsical and child-like.

3 most important things to you when working? Delicious food, relaxing music and a good idea or concept on what to draw or make next.

3 best sources of inspiration?
Music, good food and travel.

What is a travel journal according to you?
Travel journal is like an illustrated journey or travel. Whenever someone sees my travel journal, they feel like they went to the same place as I did. Travel journal supposes to make you smile as you go through it.

Favorite thing about working with the theme of the travel journal?
My favorite part would be the conceptualizing -- what to draw and what to say or write. It's still important to plan what to do. A travel journal is supposed to be the mirror of your emotions of a certain travel.

Would you recommend making travel journals? Yes, I always do! It makes me happier seeing travel journals rather than checking out all the photos I got in my camera.

IG: @paola_koala
Twitter: @aloapenaj