Gallerie Enfants Terribles: Monika Forsberg

With each new issue of our magazine we feature three artists in our banner space gallery. Our second featured artist for the Snow Queen issue is the amazing illustrator Monika Forsberg.

Monika Forsberg, 4, illustrator, boyfriend and two sons, Reginald 3 and Dante 13 years old.

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?
I decided I didn't want to work anywhere with fluorescent lighting (like an office). I wanted to be free. I think that is the core reason. I didn't actually know you could survive as an artist when little.

What’s the best part?
The inner conversations with myself. 

The worst part?
The inner conversations with myself.

What makes you very happy?
My family makes me very happy. My kids have got the best daddy ever. Kindness makes me happy. To not conform makes me happy. To listen to the kind inner voice makes me happy. Cold water makes me very happy. Friendships make me very happy. Having a bath and reading a book. Drawing makes me very happy. To stop and just be makes me happy. 

What are your future ambitions professionally?
To be happy and to be really really ridiculously good, just like Derek Zoolander is really really ridiculously good looking.

3 words that capture the very essence of your artwork?
Happy - playful - bright

3 most important things to you when working?
Audiotapes, comfort and coffee

3 best sources of inspiration?
My kids, my surroundings and the whole of the internet

What does the title of our newest issue The Snow Queen evoke in you?

Favorite thing about working with the theme?
Fairytale extravaganza

Favorite fairytale and why?  
The Little Match Girl because I read it over and over and over again and cried when reading it as a child. And The Little Mermaid (NOT the Disney version, I’ve not seen that one) for same reason. I read it in an old book of my mum’s with beautiful illustrations, and it was so sad. I like sad stories.

If you can't get get enough Monika - you should read the large interview with her in issue 6 - you will find it here!


Interview by Inger Marie Hahn Møller