With each new issue of our magazine we feature three handpicked artists in our magazine as well as in our banner space gallery here on the website. Our third and final featured artist for the Art is Everything. Play is More issue is the fascinating work of Danish illustrator Katrine Marie Nielsen.


Katrine Marie Nielsen. 33. Illustrator. Lives with boyfriend and first child in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tell us your story?

I am a young woman, who was born and raised here in Copenhagen, but I do not know if I will stay here for the rest of my life. No idea. I live my life like (I guess) a lot of other young women here in Scandinavia. I enjoy the everyday life. I like to observe people in their daily routines. I appreciate having the time to see how the seasons change over the year. Everyday I go to my office to work and draw. I draw cause I cant´ stop. I like it as much as I love my family and close friends. Drawing and making illustrations and pictures are a part of my life and will hopefully always be.

What makes you very happy? It makes me happy to receive a smile on a busy day.
I love gifts. It doesn't have to bee big. Small things can bee much more valuable than big things. Sometimes I feel it's a gift that my work is to draw and make illustrations, create stories and pictures. It makes me happy to be creative.

What are your hopes for the future?
In the future… More drawing, more work, still meeting interesting and lovely people. Having fun, listening to music, drinking beers, eating quality chocolate, seeing my child learning about the big world. Living life. Be present in the moment. Yes I wish I will have the opportunity to be in the moment, that is important to me.

3 words that capture the very essence of your artwork? Playful, humour, colourful.
3 most important things to you when creating? Be in the moment, concentration, fantasy.
3 best sources of inspiration? Reading, talking to people, looking at colours.

Why is art important to you? Without art the world would be less interesting and poor.

ART & PLAY Do you play? How? Why? Why not.
If you can say that experiments are a kind of game, yes then I play a lot.
Do you play when you create? Yes a lot, I play with the elements in my drawings. Play with colours, structure, texture, composition, figures and facial expressions.
What's your favorite game? Using my imagination, my fantasy. I guess you can put that into all sorts of games.
What was it like growing up? A bit of everything. Sometimes very nice and wonderful, but also terrible boring, hard, funny, relaxing, stresfull, but most of all perfect, because I can´t change it.