With each new issue of our magazine we feature three artists in our banner space gallery. Our second featured artist for the Kawaii issue is the endowed illustrator and artist Kajsa Wallin, also known as Kawaspics if you're on Instagram. Her work is best described at detailed, feminine and naked.

Kajsa Wallin. age. 32.  Illustrator and Creator. Lives with husband and two kids, (3,5 and 1,5 years old) in Malmö, Sweden.

I have a past in fashion and used to create clothes. I think I got a little fed up with the fashion industry and about that time I started drawing again. That was about five years ago and I’ve been working on finding my own way since then. I think I have found it, at least a little part of it, but I’m really just in the very beginning of what I want to do: To create and to be free. Creating makes me very, very happy. What makes you very happy? To create. My family makes me very happy too, but I really need to create to get the energy to be my best with them.The hardest struggle, I guess, is to combine the work with family life. I used to work really late hours, sometimes all night, but now I have to adjust to a strict schedule, which really doesn’t come natural to me.

Oh, I’m a dreamer so there are no limitations of all the things I would like to do. I really would like to be able to do a big solo art show and I would also love to make some work in the US, maybe an Art show in LA or NYC.

I very much enjoyed working with the theme Kawaii. To me it symbolizes quirkiness and happiness combines, I think. I always love a good challenge, and I think this theme was exactly that to me, to make my personal soft style work with the quirky theme.

My father used to lead this student choir called LAK (Lunds Akademiska kör) and they were gonna be a part of a singing festival in Hungary. Our whole family went along and at a market place I found this plush rabbit which was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It had a rainbow coloured tummy and I somehow managed to persuade my parents to buy it for me. I was so happy about that rabbit and the students told me that it was born at that happy place at the end of the rainbow. That rabbit was my favourite for a long time and I loved and still love the stories it held.

Kajsa shared with us these three works that capture the essence of her work:

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