With each new issue of our magazine we feature handpicked artists in our magazine as well as in our banner space gallery her on our website. Our third and last featured artist for the Travel Journal issue is the fine work of the French illustrator Carolane Storm.

Carolane Storm. 26. Textile designer/Illustrator. Lives in Paris while kissing toads in search for her prince.

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?

To be honest ­ I don’t know. I'm constantly changing and evolving : style, look, envy, country... I wanted to be ethnologist and after that an archaeologist. But instead of chasing History, I decided to create my own, through drawing, clothes and stories.

What's the best part?
The best part its to do what for you is natural and kind of logic. I draw because for me its my way to talk.

The worst part?
Money is always the worst. In my country being a freelance illustrator is very complicated, because nobody considers your work as a « real » work. So you have to fight every day or do something else a part for living as I chose to do.

What makes you very happy? 
Travel and love. For the moment i content myself going out with friends ­which is already very nice :)

What are your future ambitons professionally?
'm in the beginning of a huge project : create my own children cloths brand. I have all my plan already, my first ideas and my name. But the most important : i want to live in Copenhagen first where i hope to work in graphic design or textile design. So im learning danish :)


3 words that capture the essence of your artwork? Sweet, colorful and funny.

3 most important things to you when working? Eating, drinking pulco, put on a cool movie.

3 best sources of inspiration? Travels (them again ?!), my personal experience, other people.

Why is art important to you? I'm a single child with a big imagination. I was creating my own univers, character (beware Tolkien) and story around them. Art is important because it's the only thing I do without thinking. Its a natural part of who I am, like some people dance, or sing - I draw.

What is a travel journal according to you? I travel a lot and I always have a small book with me for drawing. The most important when your travel is to keep all the memories you can. So I draw people I meet, situations I liked, words I loved, some new words like « please, hello, thanks you », cool places to be or not, ...everything which seem small to you in the moment can be big and full of emotions later, when you will be back home.

Favorite thing about working with the theme of the travel journal? Well, we we're talking about memories just before...Actually I just come back from 2 years in Scandinavia and I came back sad and completely depress from Norway because of a really hard broke up with a « fake prince/real toad ». This theme is for me the opportunity to bring to me the good memories (and i have a lot), the sensation of a amazing experience, and the need of go back again despite the awful ending.

Would/did you ever make a travel journal yourself? Of course ! I made my first one for Hungary when I was 15years old :)