With each new issue of our magazine we feature handpicked artists in our magazine as well as in our banner space gallery here on our website. Our first featured artist for the Creatures of Light and Darkness issue is the intriguingly good work of artist Amanda Hoffner.

Sara Amanda Hoffner. 26. Artist. Lives with my boyfriend in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?
My friend Johan convinced me to apply for the university. But without my studies in Denmark I wouldn’t do what i’m doing now. My teachers there were so inspiring.

What’s the best part of doing what you do? To bee inspired.

The worst part? Being blocked by silly stuff.

If you weren’t doing this - then what would you be doing? Teaching, making music.

 What makes you very happy? Friends, the sea, campfires and forests.

What are your future ambitions professionally? I want to make illustrations for books.

3 Words that capture the very essence of your artwork? Naive, skew, shrewd. 

Most important things to you when working? Coffee, a lot of pencils and big tables. 

Best sources of inspiration? I collect weird words or sentences in my sketchbook to draw inspiration from.  Nature and animals with odd ways of walking is also inspiring. 

Why is art important to you? It makes me see things differently and a change of perspective is always important. It is like food for my soul.   


How does winter impact you? I love it ween it snows! Sadly it is rather rare in my part of the country these days. I love winter activities as skiing, ice skating, sledging or to going into a sauna. 

You live in Sweden - how do you feel about the darkness of the winter month? I try to embrace the darkness! The darkness makes me very tired - my trick is too light candles and try to stay outside when the sun is out. 

 Do you integrate thoughts about life cycles, death and birth in you work? I think a lot about the meaning of things in life and I think it somehow is shown in my work. Even when I try to make happy pictures there is always bit of darkness. I adore the lifecycle in nature and the change of seasons that we have in the North.