Gallerie Enfants Terribles: Alex Falkiner

With each new issue of our magazine we feature three artists in our banner space gallery. Our third featured artist for the Snow Queen issue is the multi talented artist Alex Falkiner.


Alex Falkiner. 30. artist, maker, tinkerer, teacher. Sydney, Australia.

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?
I decided I wanted to find the intersection of what I love, what I am good at and what the world needs, not to 'solve' it, but to live out the question.

What makes you very happy?
Rituals - especially afternoon tea, tiny things, swimming in the ocean, confessional art, liberation, beautiful flowers, cheesy Australiana.

What are your future ambitions professionally?
I’d love to expand and deepen my workshops to retreats and weekly experiences. And this year, I have decided I want to dress up in my art and take to the streets – I want to do this because it scares me and feels like the next stretch I need.

3 words that capture the very essence of your artwork?

Intimacy, Play, Delight

3 most important things to you when working?
Following my delight and curiosity, working with ‘mistakes’, making art accessible.

3 best sources of inspiration?
My dreams, collected images and words, material experimentation.

What does the title of our newest issue The Snowqueen evoke in you? 
I think of power and purity, magic and transformation. All things I love to explore in my art.

Favorite thing about working with the theme?
It allowed me to see my work with different eyes. Being Australian, snow isn't so familiar to me!

Favorite Fairytale and why?
I love Roald Dahl’s irreverent tales, I read all his books as a child and loved the vivid descriptions, general cheekiness and that he wasn’t afraid to go to the darker places…