Food Crush : Ida Frosk


Ida Skivenes. Food artist. 30. Engaged. Berlin/Oslo.
Favorite dish: Pancakes with fresh berries and Greek yoghurt! 

Meet Ida Frosk the foodblogger who can't stop playing with food
As you may know Enfants Terribles Magazine is very much about playing much, much more and worrying a lot less. That's why we thought Ida Frosk would be the perfect fit for our food crush. Even though our parents and even grandparents always forbid us to play with our food, seeing Ida doing these fun and creative works of food art made us realize how wrong our parent's were. She turns food into little whimsical, colorful and playful works of art.

Ida Frosk has made it more than okay to play with food by showing the world how much fun it can be. We want to know how we can get better at playing creatively with food ourselves. So here's a little more about Ida and how it all began

Playing with Food
Ida's foodplay rebellion began almost by accident in June 2012. She had seen some examples of food art online and wanted to give it a go herself, but with her own personal touch. On a whim she uploaded it on her newly started Instagram account. Doing that really opened up her creativity and unleashed a hidden food art talent. 

Instagram made it happen
Being on Instagram was crucial for her development as a food artist. Through comments, likes and interactions with the community there she found her style and got recognition. "I still use Instagram as my main platform" she adds and tries to inspire on a daily level, to give back to the community for all the support she has met.

Edible Art
It is very important to Ida that her food art projects are not just for show:" I don't want to encourage unnecessary food waste and I want it to be something people can do with their every day meals. To her it's all about creating and having fun by taking ordinary ingredients and putting them together in a new and playful way.

Food Adventures
"I feel like I get a deeper connection with the ingredients, by looking at their natural colour and shape – and perhaps even trying out foods I hadn't even considered before." Her own personal favorite food project is the "Art Toast Project", because it also stimulates her intellectually and her favorite among those are any of the Edvard Munch toasts. At the same time as she is getting creative she teaches us about art history in such a fun and clever way. We love it!

Professional Foodplayer
The hardest thing about doing this is Constantly reinventing myself I guess. I get most of my inspiration from blogs (Green Kitchen StoriesTaste of Runway) and creative IG profiles (@dschwen, @thuglifeforevs, @redhongyi). It's hard work to come up with new ideas for food projects, now that this is my full time job but I just sit down, do some research and plan. 

Eat Your Art Out
Ida recently published a wonderful book on her food art projects. Thebook is called “Eat Your Art Out” in English and by the end of 2014 it will be available in 7 different languages. It consists of lots of colorful food art photos with instructions, tips and basic recipes – so it's absolutely possible to use it as a starter guide for starting to make food art. When turning the food project into a book it was essential for Ida to keep the spirit of the Instagram photos and presentation, while at the same time providing additional information to make it stand out from what you would get for free online. She wants the book to inspire people to play with their food and not take it all too seriously. 

Do it yourself - Ida's advise to newbees in food art making:
"Don't be afraid to play, everyone can make food art. You can begin with simple ideas, such as faces and animals, and move on to more complicated things. Remember to use lots of fresh colors and just have some fun, it doesn't have to be perfect!" No special tools are needed. "I usually work with just a small knife and occasionally scissors, no special tools needed. If you want to, you can of course get cutters and molds, but I like to do everything myself." 

We asked Ida one last question: Will your kids be allowed to play with food? Her answer: "Definitely!"

So yes cooking is about the perfect combination of ingredients, but i'ts also a very visual form of art. Making things look beautiful, interesting, fun and delicious is half  of the work when you cook for other people. So think about that when you make your kiddo's lunch next time.