Flowers to you

It's finally here - spring! I'm so happy! And also bit like a crazy flower-lady but I just can't help it - there's so many new flowers blossoming every day and it's wonderful!

The weather has been quite cold and windy though and we're still waiting for those first warm spring days but I have a feeling that they're just around the corner. But the sun is here and it makes everything better. It's easier to wake up in the morning as its already bright and all the beautiful sunny days are just made for long walks and bike rides. But oh,the evenings. I can't even describe you how amazing it feels like to have light at 8 pm. and to see how the last sunrays are shining into our kitchen and how the sky turns to pink and violet and orange and dark red and then blue. And after I've put the girls to sleep and I'm sitting on the sofa,drinking my tea in the quiet house - then I can hear the blackbird sing. It just makes my heart fly.

I wish lot's of sunshine and beautiful spring days to you! 

Love Niina