DIY: Floral Suncatcher

Me and the Kids love to gather flowers and press them between big books, usually we glue our small treasures on little pieces of paper and use them as gift cards for the gift to the people we love. But the other day we ended up with a magic floral suncatcher to our window.

You can easily make a floral Suncatcher, the only things you need is:

- An embroidery frame
- cookie sheet
- Scissor and a glue stick
- Tread for hanging
- And of course your favorite pressed flowers

Start by opening the frame and place the baking paper between the 2 frames when the baking paper is taut and smooth, screw the frame back together and cut remains of the baking paper as close to the edge as possible (you can use a utility knife instead of a scissor to this) .

Glue the flowers in on the one side of the frame.

At last pull the thread through the screw. Hang your Suncatcher up and enjoy the sunshine through the flowers and the shadows who gives the most beautiful colors ! 

Have a great summer //