Finding focus and inner peace with DIYs

In just 9 hours we find the lucky winner of 150€ worth of nordic goodies from Íglo and Indí. Before that I want to show you all some glimps from our Saturday, full of creative outlets.

Personally, I can't be without being creative. I get restless and stressed if I don't have enough time for it, and our kids are much the same way. Both of them have always been very much into drawing as well as creating new things out of old ones. You know, old stuff split into small pieces mixed in with some glue, tape and paint - et voila you have something new. As a parents sometimes you love it, and sometimes you really don't ;)

But while the kids are creative, they find their focus and inner peace, and they can keep on creating for hours - and as a parants i always love that. This focus is what I wanted to share with you, and I hope you will find a little time for those peacefull moments even in the chaos of Chrismas. 

Yesterday, we did DIY from the morning, went out to celebrate my aunt's birthday, had a stroll through Copenhagen, and went home to do some more DIYs to relax. That's a perfect Saturday in December to me.

You can find all the Christmas DIYs, from our Advents Calender here! I really hope you will enjoy them!

Never stop playing and Merry Christmas 
 Céline <3