FAVORITES - The Summer editon - by She's a bird

So we're saying goodbye to the Summer these days in Copenhagen. It seems like is just dissappeared without even saying goodbye, so we're crossing our fingers it will pop back for just a few days of sweet sorrow parting.

Nevertheless we have to get used to the thought and while we're getting to it I thought it would be good to look back on a few of our Tales of Midsummer features.

First of is the awesome illustrated editorial done by the talented Tine Ryaa from She's a bird. Tine (39), artist and illustrator, lives in Copenhagen with her two kids Maja (14) and Virgil (9). She never stopped drawing and thus ended up on this creative path of illustration.

Céline and I chose our favorite summer styles and Tine worked her magic pen around them and this is the fine result. We're so honoured to have been able to feature Tine's work and hope to do a lot more with her in the future.

Happy weekend people<3