Yay! It's Wednesday which means that it is time to announce the #etmagstylekid of the week. We really must emphasize how much it means to us that you sweet parents are sharing your kiddos playful styling with us. As you may have discovered by now - we like to do things our own way and we prefer looking for inspiration among the very wise children who play everyday in every possible way. So please keep tagging and sharing<3

This weeks #etmagstylekid is Emery, the adorable son of Meagan Lindsay Shuptar @mlindsayshuptar. We love Megans feed and her awesome kids and we're so happy to enrole Emery in the , joining his sister Lilah. Congratulations Emery and Megan and thank you for being part of our universe.

Find more information on how to become a stylekid here.
We pick a weekly #etmagstylekid every Wednesday.