Eco Label Love feat. Four’eMki

Enfants Terribles Magazine loves playfulness, childhood and creativity, so what better brand to start a new interview series with than Four’eMki, a Polish label inspired by children’s imaginations. Four’emKi creatively balances the quintessential girlish desire to look fancy in an outfit that can be comfortably played in.

For this new series - Eco Label Love - our Eco Choice Editor, Danielle, will share brands whose beautiful clothing is sustainably and ethically produced. The series will celebrate small companies that are leading the way toward a more sustainable and fair clothing industry. In terms of sustainability, this could mean the fabrics are organic and renewable, locally sourced and sewn, or eco-dyed. In terms of ethics, this means the garments are sewn and produced under fair conditions.

Today, Danielle shares an interview with new Polish slow fashion brand Four’eMki, which produces it designs end-to-end in Poland: from fabric to final garment.

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- Hello Gosia! I love Four'eMki’s designs. Can you tell me a little more about what sorts of clothing you design and  produce?
I try to produce my collection in a vegan spirit and I use only vegan-friendly fabrics. My designs are simple but always with girly details. You will find frills, tulle, bubble shapes in unexpected places. I create for children mostly. Children are such an inspiration to me, their only limit is their own imagination. The collection is also available for big girls, that is, Mums. The sizes range from babies up to adult women.

- How did you get started designing clothing?
I am a lawyer by training, but I always dreamed of working in fashion. The turning point for me was a holiday in Thailand. There, I met there young Thai designer. Her collection was amazing. I decided to distribute it in Poland. After this, I decided to create my own first collection.

- How would you describe Four'eMki in 5 words or less?
"Nonchalance under control"

What’s in the name? What does Four'eMki mean?
We are four people in our family. Everyone's name begins with the letter M: Małgorzata (Me), Marcin (my husband), Marcela & Melania (my kids), and the newest addition to our family: Mayo (our dog). “Ki” is a grammar form in the Polish language. The name mixes English with Polish. So that's why it is Four'eMki.

- What are the core principles of Four'eMki?
The most important thing to me is to produce my collection locally, in Poland and to make use our wonderful, eco fabrics - for example, linen. Slow Fashion - is my current interest. My collections are made to order, this means each item unique and made especially for a particular person.

- You have an atelier, can you tell me more about this?
I have a small atelier, with one sewer and one assistant, in Mazury (the most wonderful place in Poland with thousands of lakes). It's my hometown, where I grew up and where my family home is located.

- What inspires your designs?
My main inspiration are my daughters. My designs must be glamourous with frills and tulle, but always very soft and comfortable. Every single piece has been "full motion" tested on my children, to make sure they can play and enjoy life in my designs.

- Do you plan to expand the line? What’s next for Four'eMki?
My future plans are to open up the line to boys. The male fashion world is unfamiliar to me, but I will try to understand it and put forward my own interpretation. Right wow, I am preparing my Spring/Summer 2017 collection for Bubble London. The collection for this show will have a little surprise! I have produced a special cotton fabric with a drawing by my girls that was given to me as a little gift for a busy mom.

- When you aren’t working what do you love to do?
Small everyday pleasures, like waking up at 6h00 to drink coffee alone in silence. In general, I love travel with my family and observing the world through the eyes of children is amazing.