Eco Label Crush: Shaadee Mae

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For the new series - Eco Label Crush - our Eco Choice Editor, Danielle, shares brands whose beautiful clothing is sustainably and ethically produced. The series celebrates small companies that are leading the way toward a more sustainable and fair clothing industry. In terms of sustainability, this could mean the fabrics are organic and renewable, locally sourced and sewn, or eco-dyed. In terms of ethics, this means the garments are sewn and produced under fair conditions.

Today, Danielle shares an interview with new American brand Shaadee Mae that makes beautiful one-piece jumpsuits for babies and toddlers. These classic pieces are designed to transcend trends and genders, suiting any child, any time.

Label Name: Shaadee Mae
Instagram: @shaadeemae
Facebook: shaadeemae

Hello Shaadee! I have been totally charmed by Shaadee Mae designs. Can you tell me a little more about what sorts of clothing you design and produce?
Thank you, that makes me so happy to hear! I strive to create simple, elevated classics that are comfortable and can be passed down to friends and family with love. Launching the brand, I wanted to focus on a line of unisex jumpsuits that felt easy but still managed to be elegant and work across genders. I love the idea that you can buy one of these pieces for your current child and regardless of gender when the second/third kiddo comes along, the pieces would work!

How did you get started designing clothing?
Since I was a kid I was drawing clothes or sewing little outfits for my dolls, it’s something I have always been drawn to. Ultimately, I went to Parsons (in NYC) and studied Fashion Design and have been working in the industry ever since!

How would you describe Shaadee Mae in 5 words or less?
Easy, elegant, made with love.

What’s in the name? Why did you choose Shaadee Mae for your brand? Namesake, I’m assuming?
Yup, it is my first and middle name! In Farsi Shaadee means joy or happiness.

What are the core principles of Shaadee Mae designs and production?
Everything is designed and made in California and I only use the highest quality 100% natural fibers and plant based fabrics. With Shaadee Mae I want to move away from trends and fast fashion as much as possible and create high quality products that are classics and can be passed down to siblings and friends. I hope to create pieces that are easy to wear and can withstand the years but still remain relevant. Above all, I want kids to feel comfortable and happy when they wear my clothes.

You’ve produced a few pieces that are plant dyed. Can you tell me more about this?
I started becoming obsessed with the natural dye process and over the past two years have been studying and experimenting a lot. I went foraging for local plants, extracting color in various ways and ultimately garment dyeing some of my pieces. It’s a new aspect of the design process for me, a really hands-on way to be connected with each piece. I think it's amazing that with a little research and exploration we can collect the right materials from the Earth to create beautiful colors and vibrant tones. Natural dying is especially exciting because depending on the time of year and ripeness of the plants/fruits, you will get a variety of different shades and tones, you never know exactly what to expect. This variety reminds me how rich and alive the Earth is, and is a celebration of local color, which I think is so cool!

What inspires your designs?
I always think about what I would want to wear. I don't like to think about outfitting too much and I don't want anything to feel difficult or complicated. Jumpsuits seemed like the perfect solution - one item and you have a whole outfit!

Do you plan to expand the line? What’s next for Shaadee Mae?
Yes, always working on the next thing. Developing some separates and blankets! I will have a booth at the West Coast Craft Fair in San Francisco, this Nov 12th -13th!

When you aren’t working what do you love to do?
Spending time with friends and family, cooking/entertaining, exploring...hiking, beaching. And TRAVELLING!