Halloween: Easy Peasy Dress Up

My kids have sort of outgrown the stage where we have costumes for playing dress up lying around the house. But we do have plenty of things from our everyday life that can quite easily be twisted into something wild and fun and we still play dress up, it's just in a less Disney like manor.  

I love the unique. I love the everyday. And I looove mom-friendly, time saving yet effectful and dramatic masks that can turn normal into fantastic. All of these reasons combined are why I'm so in love with the Animalesque masks and this is my tip for a quietly cool and beautiful dress up for Halloween.

Most of us have a gym suit lying around or a bathing suit and a pair of pantyhose. Combined with one of the many handcrafted masks that are popping up here and there you have the easiest and fastest costumes - and when the mask is not in use it makes for excellent room decor ;-)

Sienna and I shot this little mini editorial featuring masks from Animalesque an innovative and unique costume brand for everyone who loves to dress up - big and small! They are created by textile designer Sara Lowes who is based in London and creates her magical masks using textile design - illustration, screen-printing and embroidery. Her ballet outfit is from the legendary little shop Stræk og Bøj in Copenhagen. I remember going to this shop from when I was a child and I still visit today when Sienna is in need of ballet clothes.

Happy Halloween