DIY: what a difference a pompom makes..

We spotted a little hand knitted vest at a flea market in lovely colors, and when we bought it the elderly lady selling it insisted we took the matching hat with it. Which was also in those cute shades, but the model, well, it wasn't quite that. It looked more like upside down baby pants.

A little challenge then.

I started out with making a huge pompom, Ivy picked the colors herself. The hat was cut off just above the blue part, and the edge was finished with the serger. You could also do this with a zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine, or with a simple blanket stitch by hand. Then the top was just gathered end sewn closed. 

The pompom was trimmed as round as possible and sewn on top of the hat. Done! Do make sure it gets My Little Pony's approval first. ;-)

Now get into your warm clothes and get outside!