DIY: Weaving with & for the kids

Happy New Year to all of you.

Today I am weaving with and for the kids.

The step by step is very limited for two reasons: There are a lots of steps if you want be creative and second I am inviting you to read the ones I found and I got inspired by.

I wanted to try the "weaving" a long time ago. There are few ladies who inspired me by their talent.

First one is from Sandra, Jesussauvage. I LOVE her blog and work. Her weavings are quite beautiful. I just follow her tutorial. 

Second is from Erica, Honestly WTF. I found her weaving super cool and her tutorial is perfect for a girl like me.

Third is from Bar, Art Bar blog. I love that blog so much; there is so many ideas I want to try with my kids! Her tutorial is perfect.

Louise and I did these 2 pieces together. Let's weave!