DIY - Tote bag printing

Hi, my name is Mejse and I just joined the creative team here at the Enfants Terrible Magazine. So excited to share my first DIY with you. Next week I'll be back with a more thorough introduction to who I am and what I do. But first here's a little DIY for you.

Since I had kids I've becomed addicted to beautiful tote bags. They are practical and cheap and they come in many cool designs. And if you can't find any tote bags you like - you can just make your own.

- A tote bag, in what ever color you like
- Fabric paint
- A piece of foam
- A scissor
- Cardboard
- Glue
- A paint brush

Draw the shape or shapes you want to print, on the foam and cut it out. Cut out two pieces of cardboard and glue them together, then glue your foam figure onto the cardboard - Now you have a stamp. Let's start printing.

Put some cardboard or a newspaper inside the tote in case the paint bleeds through. Apply fabric paint to the stamp using a paint brush and then print it on the tote bag. You can use the paint brush to apply more paint, to get the amount of coverage you would like your print to have. 

When both sides are done let the paint dry. Then fix the paint by ironing on the reverse for 5 minutes (remember to read the instruction on the paint. In case you use a different label the directions may be different).

And voila your tote bag is done and ready to use.