Rock Your Bedtime Stories: Shadow Theatre DIY- Copenhagen Style

In the latest issue of the magazine, the Creatures of Light and Darkness issue, I made a shadow theater DIY out of a wooden box and baking paper.

In the magazine you can also find templates for a sun, moon, stars and a city.

Now I will show how you can easily create new scenes for your shadow theater, also without templates. All you need is a picture of what you want to cut out. You can find city pictures or other things you want on google. If you want a bicycles you just type in “bycycle silhouette” and you’ll see that theres alot of fine and simple bicycles you can print out. Print the image, cut it out, tape the image onto a black piece of cardboard and then cut along the scribing. The easiest way is to cut the details in the middle of the figure first and then cut around it. That way the picture dosnt fall off the paper.

Here I have made scenes from Copenhagen, the houses are buildings from “Nyhavn”, if you want to make a scene from Copenhagen, don’t forget the bicycles, boats and of couse the little mermaid.

You can see the shadow theater DIY in the last issue of the magazine right here