DIY: Have a good one Mom wall banner

Mother's day is coming soon, actually next week! I usually crafting every year a pasta necklace but this time I decided to make the Mother's day presents more fun and special.

I collaborate with La petite epicerie  for that DIY. I have to say it is one of a kind craft website! You can find all you need to make great projects.

I did this "HAVE A GOOD ONE MOM" wall banner. With a little felt and some glue, I created this simple wall decoration. If you want to download the Free Template, please visit La maison de Loulou Blog.

Now let's craft! 

What you need: Colored felt fabrics (12"x8" for the banner)+ wood stick + needle and pins + embroidery string + glue + scissor + printed free template.

What to do: Step 1: have all your supplies ready including the free template. Step 2: cut all your elements from the template. Step 3: take your 12"x8" felt piece; on top, fold around an 1 1/2" and sew (pins are helping you to sew strait!), as it is showing on the picture. At the bottom cut a triangle shape. Step 4: now you can insert your wood stick on top of your banner; then with your embroidery string, make 2 knots on each side of your felt piece; do not forget to leave enough space to hang your wall banner. Step 5: cut your letters and pear out of your other felt fabric. Then glue all the elements to your banner. That is it you are done.

Have a good one!