DIY: Greeting cards for Christmas

Everyone likes to receive a handwritten card for Christmas; and to receive a letter, you need to write a letter.
You can easily make your own cards together with your children by using simple, handcarved stamps. 

Let me show you how:

1. Things you’ll need
A lino cutter, An eraser, Paper, A pencil, A black fineliner, Ink pafs

2. Make the stamp
Draw a Christmas bulb on the eraser using your pencil.
Carve the bulb with the linocutter.
Stamp away!

3. Finish the card
Let the ink dry.
Use the black fineliner to draw eyes and mouths on the bulbs.
Draw strings from the bulbs to the upper edge of the card.
Write a greeting with your nicest handwriting on the front of the card and write kind words inside the card.
Buy a stamp and send the Christmas card to your friend.

Here is another version, to try out.

If you’d like to learn more about handcarved rubber stamps, I’m hosting a workshop on November 23rd from 11-15 in Naestved, Denmark.
For more information feel free to contact me: