DIY: from wooden toy to christmas star

Even though we are still full on in Sinterklaas modus here in the Netherlands I am really looking forward to Christmas. Maybe because it has been a much better year for us than the last, or just that our living room in just about finished after a long time renovating our house. But anyhow, I also just love to get creative and decorate the house. 

This little wooden star was in the kids toy department at the thrift store, and I wanted to do something to make it's simple geometric shape look more graphic.


I disassemble the star and cleaned and sanded the parts down, then I taped off half of each part. The still visible parts got two layers of spray paint.

After that, it is time to have some fun! Since it is meant als some sort of puzzle the star can be assembled any way you like. 


All the silver stars also came from the thrift shop. I love the contrast between the silver frills and the rigid wood. After christmas i might keep the wooden one up, as long as the kids don't steal it from my wall!