In Dutch schools there is a tradition to make party hats for children on their birthday. Usually it's just a strip of paper that's made into a circle, and decorated with crepe paper. I wanted to make one for my birthday girl at home, just a bit more special and one she can wear more often. 

Since she would get a new dress with a floral pattern, flowers it was! I had a few fake flowers laying around, and bought some extra in the right colors. I also made a few pompons to go with them.

Start with a hair band in the right size, preferably in a matching colour. Then arrange your flowers around it in a nice composition.

Once you have decided on the arrangement, it's useful to take a quick picture of it as a reminder. 

Cut the stems to size, don't use your good scissors but a cable cuter, since most stems have a metal centre. Then start tying them to the head band with a thin thread. after that, you can cover that up with a ribbon or, as I used, wool.

Make sure you keep the inside of the head band as flat as possible, and take care that all pointy or sharp bits are covered. After that, I used Paverpol on the wool to keep it in place. (paverpol is a sort of Mod Podge, waterproof wood glue will also work just fine)

Leave to dry, and enjoy your floral tiara, fit for a fairy princess! 

And if you have a princess that is just a cheeky as mine you might end up with this:.. (Oh well, we'll be able to use it for Dios del los Muertos too ;) )