Spring is in the air, and Easter is coming up very soon, so we feel like adding more colour to our interior! These ornaments are quite easy to make, and are usable all year round, depending on the colors you use.

What you start with: glass coasters from the thrift shop. Find pairs of the same kind, and check if you can put them on top of each other. You want the top edges nice and flat since glass is hard to sand down. Furthermore you will need superglue, metal hooks and spray paint. (primer and a top coat)

Check for little bits that are broken off, you hardly see those now, but they will be very clear when they are painted. Pick ones with lots of pretty facets!

First, use a metal file to make a little hollow in the edge, so a hook can be placed. Do this in each side of a pair in the same spot. Make sure it is deep enough for the hook, it should have a little bit of room left over for the glue.  You can make your own hooks out of metal wire, as I did, or use tiny ones from the hardware store. Glue the hook in place in the hollow on one coaster.

Now glue the other coaster on top of the other one, use the glue on the whole of the circle to eliminate little holes between the coasters. They start to look quite nice already, and you could even leave them like this. But I prefer colour. ;)

Give them a coat of primer, and then paint them in your favorite shades! If you use a satin gloss paint and spray lightly over the last layer it becomes more matte if you like that. 

Now, have fun decorating!