DIY: Doctor tools from scraps

Sometimes you just can't seem to find the right kind of toys for your kids, even in the huge pile that the stores have to offer. 

I was looking for a nice and simple doctor play-set but somehow it's all made out of clunky pieces of plastic, hugely over-designed or expensive. And let's not even start about the fact that nearly all the stuff in a more subtle shade than fire-engine red is for a little nurse. Is being a doctor a boys thing then?

So, gather some scraps of wood and get to work!

I used plain ceder wood to start with since I had it laying around, and because it is rather soft and easy to shape. I used a belt sander to smoothen the edges but when you cut the pieces a bit neater than I did you can easily do that with sandpaper. Start with a coarse one, and finish with a fine one. Clean the wood with a wet cloth before you sand it the last time, that will make the little fibers stand up when it dries, and you will get it really smooth when you sand those off.

Play around with different shapes, stick pieces on top of another to resemble caps or pills, be creative! You can buy readymade little circles of wood at a lot of craft stores or cut them out of a thin piece.

A final paint job will give even the simplest pieces a purpose. Here the wood was first white washed entirely, then I taped parts off and spray painted them. Just the cross alone makes them look 'medical' enough really!

To finish the set I upcycled one of my husbands old shirts into a doctors coat. (easy enough since you can keep the collar and cuffs on it), added a real medicine box and about 3 meters of bandaids and bandage.

As a finishing touch; a genuine working stethoscope I bought secondhand off a medical student online. You can find them in all sorts of colors and the tubes can be cut shorter. It's loads of fun to hear your own heartbeat and stomach noises through it!  Success guaranteed with this set, so be prepared to be very very sick in the near future. ;)