Halloween: DIY Creepy Crawly Bedding

Since Halloween isn't something that is celebrated much here in The Netherlands -unfortunately- I was pleasantly surprised to run across a nice cotton tablecloth for a really low price. And since no piece of fabric is safe from my sewing machine I decided to make the boy happy with a duvet cover in halloween style.

For the other side of the bedding I chose a minty blue flanel because the color makes the creamy white of the tablecloth look a lot fresher, and flanel is nice and soft to the skin. Between the two comes black piping, just because I like how fancy that looks.


Making the duvet cover itself is easy as can be. Just use an existing duvet cover for the right size. Make sure you pre-washed the fabric, so it doesn't shrink anymore afterwards!

Zigzag or serge the edges of the fabric, and fold over and sew the bottom of both pieces where you will leave an opening for the duvet. I didn't even do that, since the tablecloth has a finished edge, and the flanel also had a finished edge there.

I you want to use piping, now is the time to put it on one of the pieces of fabric. Sew it on the right side, and use a zipper foot to sew neatly along the edge of it. Use thread to match your piping, and preferably in a color that will stand out against the fabric. This way when you turn the fabric over and put the other piece of fabric underneath it you can use the line you have sewn as a guide to sew on again, and your piping will be perfect! 

But, if you feel like taking it really easy you can just sew the two pieces of fabric together and that's it. Just don't forget to leave an opening in the bottom. (Trust me on how easily one can forget that. Or is it just me?)

Turn it over, pop in your duvet, tadaa! Time to get some sleep.. ;-)


From the leftover strip of table cloth I could just make a little skirt. :-)