Decorate your Christmas with orange peel

Last week the kids were sick and I literally stuffed them with oranges and clementines, to get some extra vitamin C into them. 
The same day I had seen a beautiful orange peel garland some were on Instagram, so I decided not to just throw the peels away, but insted to reuse them for a little Christmas fun.

Here is what to do:

  1. Peel the oranges and clementines carefully in large segments.
  2. On a hard surface, puch out shapes with metal cookie cutters - I used 2 heart shape in different sizes.
  3. Thread the hearts onto thread, using a needle. 
  4. And now it just have to dry. To speed up the process, you can dry it in your oven, at it's lowest setting, for about a half hour to an hour.

I really like like the result, especially the garland with the small hearts, it looks like beautiful beads - you should give it a try!

Merry Christmas from