Christmas Elf Baubles - DIY

Happy 1st of December sweet readers of the Enfants Terribles blog. We have a cute as buttons DIY for you today. Maybe a little project to do with the kids? Buy the baubles in a plastic version for childproofing this DIY. Be merry and make more Christmas.

Christmas baubles can easily be turned into tiny christmas elves, they are easy to make and the best thing is, all you need is christmas baubles, a black marker, glue gun, needle and thread and paper for the hat.

Start by drawing eyes and mouth on a christmas bauble, with a black marker. Cut a circle, and cut it in half. Fold the half circle as a hat, and glue the parts together. Put thread through the christmas bauble, and then through a needle, then thread and needle up through the hat. You could possibly glue the hat around the elfs head, to make it more durable.

Merry Christmas - Heidi // Denkreativesky