Cookies, Cargobikes and Christmas in Copenhagen

Our weekend was all about getting that Christmas mojo going. Usually we celebrate the 1st of December with a nice big breakfast, but since it falls on a Monday and we're still practicing getting to school on time, we had to do it for the first Sunday of Advent in stead.


Here in Denmark Advent is usually marked with four candles lit week by week up until Christmas and a lot of kids get a present. So Anton went down an got all of our Christmas decorations up late Saturday night and we spent a few hours wrapping gifts and transforming the kitchen into a winter wonderland while setting the table. The kids woke up way to early on Sunday morning and we spent a few hours eating breakfast, making and listening to Christmas music. We also found time to decorate a few (storebought) gingerbread cookies and eventhough there was no baking involved I still think the cookies ended up looking quite well and we had fun doing it. Sometimes the easy solutions are better I say! 

Ella had her first official performance with the local children's choir at the tree lightning ceremony in Christianshavn, which is the part of Copenhagen where we live. So we decorated our Cargobike and threw a few blankets in with the kids to go sing with the tree. Children singing is simply one of my favorite things (said the Sound of Music lady also) and I couldn't think of a happier and better way to kick in the door to a month of cheerful moments. 
appy 1st of December from Copenhagen.

Søs @thegirllikesrainbows