Christmas reads for grown ups

Christmas time is reading time. A lot of new interesting books are published during the fall and early winter, and many of us tend to stay indoor and cuddle up with a blanket, a nice cup of tea and a good book. Especially if you are lucky enough to have some days off around the holiday.

While the kids enjoy books about polarbears, snowmen, gnomes and Santa, some of us prefer something a little different. What we all enjoy during chistmas though, are happy endings, fuzzy feelings and a little drama. Not as much drama as in real life, when cooking dinner for 12 people in 4 hours, but still - a nice little drama, is always entertaining. 

Some of the books you might enjoy this Christmas are:

Sophie Kinsella: Shopaholic to the Stars
Sophie Kinsella have written the 7th story about Becky Bloomwood and her adventures. This time the entire family moves to Hollywood, since Luke, Beckys husband, has a new celebrity client. And ofcourse Becky has plans of her own - she wants to be a stylist and meet all the moviestars. Beckys plans never go the way she intended and suddenly she finds herself with a security team and lots of trouble. This book is a fun and easy read. You might not be able to relate directly to all of Beckys issues, but I bet they will still entertain you. 

Let it snow: John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle
Three great writers, three holiday romances! This book is a treat! Three different short stories about love, life and relationships will keep you warm and in a good spirit during the holidays. In the three stories we meet three teenagers, whose lives intertwine with eachother in the setting of a train stuck in snow and a small romantic town. It´s young, it´s funny and it all makes sense at the end. 

Sylvia Day: Wish List
This is my third holiday recommendation, and I have chosen to show you the danish cover. It is so much prettier than the english one. Which you can se here.

If you know Sylvia Day, you also know that you will soon feel warmer, even though it is freezing outside. Yes, she might never win the Nobel prize of litterature, but what she does works. In this short chistmas story we meet a woman and a man who secretly desire oneanother. They work together and one night he finds her secret wishlist on the floor. This is when he realizes, that he will indeed have a nice holiday, because all she wants for christmas - is him. In every way you might imagine.

Merry chistmas, ladies.