Children's trends Autumn / Winter 2015 - Part II

Even though I believe, children should never be tied down by fashion trends and do's and don’ts, some keywords and trends are great to know when you go children’s wear shopping this season. Here’s the second part of our children’s trends report for the autumn / winter 2015, brought to you by our Trend Editior Kathrine Houe from Little Kin Journal. 

Countryside Child

Imagine your childhood if you had grown up on an old farm build sounded by beautiful golden fields. With a vintage-inspired look and references that points back to The Little House on the Prairie and Anne from Green Gables this is the trend for girls for like beautiful dresses and a well made braid.  Materials are kept in cotton, which often is organic, Corduroy and linen and colors are subtle but beautiful. Check out brands like Soor Ploom, Mabo Kids, Nico Nico and Pierrot La Lune.

Print it

All kinds of print but used in a simple and subtle colors scheme. When we look at the trend Print it, black, white, grey and off white and maybe a single more vibrant color like red or blue dominate the picture. The Prints are either abstract or small figures and drawings are often handmade and kept in a childish style that appeals to even young children. The materials are mostly cotton or cotton jersey and the trend reflects a cool and comfortable style that most kids would love to wear. Check out brands like Tiny Cottons, Beau Loves, Soft Gallery and COS.

Nature is my friend

Wooly sweaters, flowing dresses and pants with suspenders. Do you dream of living in a little cabin in the woods and becoming friends with the forest fairies? The trend Nature is My Friend is all about living a life of exploring and wandering. To be prepared for any weather, we dress up in several layers of cotton, knits and wool and maybe even a fur vest. Materials are all natural and colors are all inspired by things we find in the forest; dark green, brown, mustard, off white, beige and different shades of red. Check out brands like Misha and Puff, Pierrot La Lune, Zara and Louise Misha

Street Cool

The trend Street Cool is very inspired by grown-up street wear, but are still perfect for the active child. Comfortable pants, trainers, T-shirt and a hoodie are the ground stones in this trend which goes well for both boys and girls. This is clothes for kindergarten, for school and for the playground and gives a great opportunity for being practical and cool at the same time. Chech out brands like Finger In The Nose, Soft Gallery, Christina Rohde and ABC123Me.