Children's trends autumn / winter 2015 - part I

Even though I believe, that children should never be tied down by fashion trends and do's and don’ts, some keywords and trends are great to know when you go children’s wear shopping this season. Here’s an overview of some of the popular children’s wear trends this autumn and winter, brought to you by Trend Editior Kathrine Houe from Little Kin Journal

Scandinavian minimalism

Though this trend is called Scandinavian Minimalism, a lot of brands outside Scandinavia presents  collections that goes well under this trend at the moment. Think simple lines, natural fibers like soft wool or organic cotton, and toned down colors and prints. This trend reflects a simple style of living, where quality is more important than quantity and clothes are kept to be passed on to younger siblings. Check out brands like Christina Rohde, Motoreta, 1 + in the family, Zara and Fub.


The trend nostalgia is a trip down memory lane. References are borrowed from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s children’s fashion and earthy colors like browns and greys are mixed with rose and dusty blues. Tapestry prints and heavy wool are used for feminine dresses with big collars or frills, small shirts for the boys and oversized knitted cardigans worn by both sexes. Check out brands like Pierrot La Lune, Bonpoint, Camomile London, April ShowersPépé, Little Creative Factory and Emile et Ida.

Art School

Find your inner artist, get out those pencils and start working your favorite colors. The Art School trend is all about bright colors and the most beautiful abstract patterns and prints. Pink, yellow, blue and purple are mixed with grey, black and white to get the right mix of funny and cool. Materials used are either the more traditional ones like cotton or leather, or things we not normally se in children’s wear like feathers or fake fur. Check out brands like Soft Gallery, Caroline Bosmans, Christina Rohde, Such Great Hights and Amy & Ivor.

The Sky is the Limit

Stars, clouds, moons, galaxies, space ships, space boys and space girls. When it comes to the trend The Sky Is The Limit we are focusing on everything from the sky to the outer space. Colors like silver, grey, blue and black are dominating the trend where a mix of textiles are used for fun shapes. Prints are also often used to reflect the trend with clouds, stars and whole galaxies as the most popular. Check out brands like Such Great Hights, Caroline Bosmans, Nununu World, Bobo Choses, Ine de Haes and Cam Cam.