We first spotted CAVALIER at the KID show in Paris this year, where they launched their very first collection. We instantly bonded with Angela and Perry, the dynamic crative duo from Singapore, who have created this this bold and playful clothing company. These two do things their own way, much like we travel our own ways in making the Enfants Terribles magazine and they certainly don't let fashion trends or comme-il-faut's get in the way of creating crazy, fun, bold, playful and different clothing for kids.

Instead of launching with the traditional spring/winter collections, they divided their creative designs into 4 series of which the third has just been released. If you follow our blog you'll have noticed that we've had Cavalier in our Editor's Choice more than once, probably due to the fact that they dare do different in such a fun and childlike way. These people PLAY with fashion and we like a lot!

The 3rd series is inspired by fun foods like the burger, an egg or even a milk box. It's crazy and we absolutely love it and can't wait to see what our daring darlings come up with next. Tell then enjoy this fun collection.