Carl Larsson at Ordrupgaard

Saturday my children and I visited the 'Carl Larsson' exhibition at Ordrupgaard. The exhibition is called 'the good life' and it is filled with his best paintings of everyday life, children and his  home.

Carl Larsson is known for his watercolour depictions of family life in his home in Sundborn in Sweden. I have always been a fan of his work. Maybe because I love Sweden so much! What I love about Carl Larsson is his ability to portray the finest everyday moments. The pictures are the perfect idyll, and I can not help but dream about children who never have fights, always have nice hair and always looks just as sweet, as the children in Carl Larsson's works. 

Although Carl Larsson died almost 100 years ago, I still think his work is up to date. I think we modern families can be inspired by his paintings to do more things together, gather around food and creative pursuits and be present in the moment. So when you are done reading this, turn of your computer and phone and please hurry to the kitchen and make a cake with your kids.

The exhibition is worth a visit if you live nearby and you can bring your children. There is a really nice area for children with toys and books, so the youngest can enjoy the show as well. 

I have two extra tickets, that I did not use, so if you and a friend would like to visit the exhibition for free, please leave a comment with your email below. I will find one lucky winner on friday, October 17.

Have a nice day!

winner is found <3